Omni Antenna L-Bracket Building Mount

Sale price$20.00


Outdoor antenna mounts allow for easy and optimized installation of an outdoor antenna on a roof or wherever outside signal is stronger.

We have three main options for outdoor antenna mounts: a 10” pole mounting assembly, a panel antenna pole mount, and a 25 ft telescoping pole mount. These provide different utility, depending on your use case.

  • Poles for mounting antennas outdoors
  • Mounting assembly for all types of antennas
  • Designed for yagi, omni, LPDA, and outdoor panels
  • Easy installation

The 10” pole mounting assembly is the default option, and we recommend buying one as an add-on to most signal booster systems. This is because it allows for easier installation of the outdoor antenna, and allows more options for places to install it. This allows placing the outdoor antenna in the most optimal place possible.

An omni antenna L-bracket mount is a different mounting apparatus for certain setups. It provides the same general function as a pole mounting assembly.

A panel antenna pole mount allows this same flexibility, just for outdoor panel antennas.

Finally, the 25 ft telescoping pole mount is most useful for free-standing installations, away from your building. They’re also extremely valuable for RVs and motorhomes. Buy this if you can’t get signal anywhere on the roof of your building, or if you simply don’t wish to install an antenna on the roof.

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