ONE, Work From Home Kit (Includes 0.6m & 2m Cable)

Sale price$470.00


For home office & on the go

Huddly ONE is designed for one-person scenarios. It features Full-HD, wide-angle video and intelligently adjusts image brightness. ONE works on Mac and PC, with any app.

Make a great impression

With the right tools, you can do great work from anywhere. Huddly ONE converts your home office into a high-end video conferencing setup and ensures you look your best.

For desktop and laptop

Huddly ONE can easily be installed on top of your computer, enabling high-quality meetings instantly. While embedded cameras have narrow-angle, low-quality video, ONE features a wide angle and Full-HD.

USB plug-and-play

Huddly ONE is USB-powered and suitable for desktop and laptop, Mac, and PC. It works on all collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

High-quality materials

Huddly ONE is made from high-end, long-lasting mechanical and electronic components. The aluminium housing protects the camera from damage and gives it a sleek, sophisticated look.

Certified & Trusted
Huddly ONE is certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom and is compatible with all leading services and operating systems.

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