PCMTIM | Telephone Interface Module

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The Bogen PCMTIM Telephone Interface Module is designed for the Bogen PCM Zone Paging System. Only one PCMTIM module is required per system (1 through 99 zones). The PCMTIM provides the telephone interface (including talk battery), night ringer input, emergency override input, background music source input, and auxiliary relay contacts for the system. The module is also responsible for all tone signaling features. Controls are included for background music volume and tone volume.

Product Features

  • One zone to 99 zones of simultaneous high-power and low-power paging
  • Up to 32 paging zone groups
  • Universal analog telephone interface designed for direct connection to loop start and ground start trunks, to PBX or KEY paging ports which supply DTMF capability, and to analog T/R lines
  • Modular integration assures reconfiguring and expansion with minimum time and expense
  • Optional talkback paging and time-triggered signaling events with PCMTBM module
  • Field programmable using DTMF and switches
  • Signaling features include night ringer zone group, emergency/shift change zone group, code call zone group
  • Emergency All-Facility Override Paging
  • Background music assigned per zone; Local Background music sourcing capability
  • Relay drivers and AUX contacts included
  • Allows total system amplifier power of up to 250W


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