PLM-4P220-US, Power Amplifier

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The PLM‐4Px2x PLENA matrix Amplifiers are built to perform. Designed to be reliable, cost effective, multi channel amplifiers; they are suitable for almost any application that demands high quality audio and flexible control.

The built‐in DSP processor is packed with powerful features. The loudspeaker library will allow the easy tuning of Bosch/EV/Dynacord loudspeaker products. The power saving mode on the amplifier allows the amplifier to save over 80% of its running costs when areas are not being used. Equipped with “Amp Link”, combining both the PLM‐4Px2x amplifiers with the PLM‐8M8 8 Channel DSP Matrix Mixer couldn’t be easier.

  • The DSP features are accessed via the PC GUI software 
  • Input Mixer: Each of the 4 amplifier channels has a separate input mixer. Via the PC GUI it is possible to mix any of the 4 line inputs and have level control over the override input and noise generator. Effectively creating a very powerful stand‐alone mixer amplifier
  • Cross over: Provides HPF, LPF up to the 8th order for each channel
  • Output EQ: Every zone has a 8‐band fully functional parametric EQ. It also contains the dynamic bass enhancement feature
  • Delay: Output delay for 120ms per channel
  • DRC (Dynamic Range Compressor): Threshold, ratio, attack, release, and gain per channel
  • Output level: Ability to limit an amplifier channels output.
  • Output Level mixer: Each amplifier output is separately controlled on the one screen making it easy to adjust and operate
  • Fault and thermal indication per amplifier channel
  • Channel mute and system mute. 

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