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NDI® to USB Webcam. That’s what it does.

Access any NDI® video and convert to a USB webcam. Connect to Zoom, Teams, Meet, and any conferencing or software application that supports a USB Webcam input.

4 buttons. Switch sources

 Use the soft-touch buttons, conveniently numbered 1 to 4, to switch between sources.


For the ultimate in elegant installations use with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch to power pod without the need for any wall plugs.

Grip ring

The non-slip rubberised grip ring stops the Pod from moving around.

API controls

Pod supports API commands so you can build out the ultimate Zoom Room. Or Teams room. Or whatever room you like really.

Automatic source detection

Pod automatically scans your network for NDI sources.

Choose your colour

Pod comes in your choice of cream, bone, white, off-white, ivory, or beige. Not really, it just comes in white. We miss you, Richie.

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