Plenum Equipment Box Pole Mount Version

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Pole Mount Plenum Equipment Enclosure - NB-PEBPM

It's 14” x 14” and almost 5” high allow many different types and sizes of equipment to be installed inside its extremely Strong Aluminum Interior. For example, some of themany products from Companies such as Crestron®, AMX ®, Altec Lancing Commstar®, Extron® and all Nigel B Products etc, have been Installation Tested.

More than enough Wiring and Cable Entry and Exits Ports are provided. For the Pole Mount Version, most Cables are run inside the Pole. In addition 1 Port is for Power and an additional one is available for other uses. For the Flat Surface Mount/Hanging version, one is used for Power and two additional ports are available for connection to 1/2" conduit.

The Box is made from .060" Superior Grade Aluminum and each Mount is made from 16 ga Steel. The Plenum Equipment Box and its Mounts will easily take a combined weight up to 50 lbs. The NB-PEBPM Pole Mount Plenum Box attaches to any 1 1/2" Pipe, used to Pole Mount most Projectors.

  • Our Plenum Box encloses all Wiring and Cables including the Power Recepticle meeting all NEC Code Requirements.
  • Auto Power Saving Mode

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