Precision Fiber Termination Kit

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Belden FiberExpress Brilliance precision fiber termination kit includes cleaver and support handle with Visual Fault Indicator for faster, easier terminations.

Belden AX104271 fiber termination kit includes a precision cleaver that achieves superior quality cleaves, even in high volumes, exceeding TIA requirements and eliminating the need to verify every cleave with a microscope.

The auto-rotating blade design provides up to 36, 000 cleaves. Kit includes tool pouch, handle, SC, LC, ST adapters, VFL (Visual Fault Indicator), VFL patch cords, precision cleaver, waste bottle, safety glasses, strippers, scissors, tweezers, USB key, marker, installation guide and card.

Applications - Indoor termination of fiber cables: Patch panels, Communication outlets, Fiber-to-the-desk, Distribution frames, Direct termination to equipment, Fiber cable repair, C Ampus, Customer premise / Access network.

Belden FiberExpress optical fiber solutions include a full range of cable, patch panels, patch cords, cable assemblies, connectors and work area outlets for fast, seamless and reliable fiber network deployment.

Package Includes:

Installation Pouch, Fiber/Cable Stripper, Tweezers, Pen Marker, Alcohol Wipes, Scissors, Waste Bottle, Safety Glasses, Fiber Precision Cleaver,Installation Card, Component Checklist, Jacket Slitter

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