Rack Mount Kit for Half Rack Width Amplifiers in Full Width Racks

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The PA702-RMK is a rack mount kit that provides mounting capability for several AtlasIED half width rack amplifiers in standard 19" equipment racks.

The PA702-RMK works with amplifier models PA702, PA702-W, PA1001G, MA40G, MA60G, PA40G, PA60G, and DPA-102PM.

The PA702-RMK includes hardware to mount one of these amplifier models individually or two of these amplifiers side by side in the same rack space.

  • 1 RU Rack Mounting option for the PA702
  • Attractive Black Finish to Match Amplifier
  • Convenient Kit Includes Hardware
  • Hardware Included to Mount Two PA702s in a 19" Rack

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