REVConnect Termination Tool

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Belden REVConnect universal termination tool for REVConnect jacks and plugs

Belden RVUTT01 REVConnect universal termination tool for REVConnect jacks and plugs.

Compatible with REVConnect UTP and shielded, Cat 5e, Cat 6+, and 10GX. Works with both solid and stranded conductors, 23 AWG to 24 AWG, unshielded and screened.

Insulation piercing and compression termination. Includes tool, cable prep insert and spare blade set.

Belden field mountable REVConnect is the answer to your IoT and AV needs. One reliable, easy, versatile termination process is all that required for your building security systems, LED lighting and sensors, wireless access points, HVAC, digital signage, audio mixing consoles, and more.

They require no pair separation step for bonded and non-bonded cable, and terminate 4 pairs simultaneously with Belden's Universal Termination Tool.

REVConnect connectors provide flexibility to reduce inventory, intermate with all modular jacks, and provide material and labor savings.

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