RG-59 BNC Compression Connector (Pack of 50)

Sale price$144.66


Belden 1-piece BNC compression connector for Belden 1505A RG-59 serial digital coax video cable with 20 AWG solid conductor.

Belden 1505ABHD1 1-piece BNC compression connector fits Belden 1505A 20 AWG solid conductor cable.

The connector is rated for 6 GHz and has true 75 Ohm impedance.

It has a 1-piece design for fast termination. Belden BNC high-definition connectors are designed specifically for Belden Brilliance Broadcast and Professional A/V Coaxial Cables.

HD Brilliance Connectors maximize broadcast signal integrity, quality, performance and durability.

The Watertight Locking Connector features a screw-lock collar to physically lock‚ the bayonet nut of the BNC in position.

This limits movement of the BNC head and creates coaxial alignment from the cable through the BNC center pin, delivering superior return loss performance.

Applications include HD-SDI, Video, Digital Video, SMPTE 2081-1 6 Gb/s UHDTV, SMPTE 424M 3 Gb/s HD-SDI 1080p.

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