RG-7 Serial Digital Video Cable | 1,000' Reel

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Belden 1794A RG-7 low loss serial digital coax video cable, 16 AWG solid core, braided and foil shields, and PVC jacket. 75 Ohm SDI coax. Riser rated.

Belden 1794A low loss serial digital coax features 16 AWG solid bare copper conductor, foam HDPE core, Beldfoil 100% foil shield with shorting fold, 95% tinned copper (TC) braid shield, Duofoil 100% foil shield and PVC jacket.

75 Ohm impedance. Riser rated (CMR).

Applications include SMPTE 2081-1 6 Gb/s UHDTV, SMPTE 424M 3 Gb/s HD-SDI 1080p.

Belden broadcast cables have established a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

In fact, they are setting the standard in HD applications around the world, ranging from major sporting events to daily news broadcasts.

They are physically robust and require simple connectivity.

With guaranteed Return Loss performance, these cables offer excellent picture quality and extended transmission distances.

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