S1 Kit

Sale price$1,380.00


For small to medium meeting rooms

Huddly S1 uses a 4K sensor and a wide-angle lens to ensure that everyone is seen. The camera offers smart framing and delivers valuable insights with room analytics.

Get into the flow of the conversation

Successful meetings start with good communication. Huddly S1 makes sure that all team members feel engaged and are able to contribute.

4K image sensor

Huddly S1 captures everyone in high resolution. Thanks to the camera's 150° wide-angle lens, everyone is seen, even those sitting closest to the camera.

High-quality materials

Huddly S1 is made from high-end, long-lasting electronic and mechanical components. The camera has no moving parts, so it is stable and durable even with heavy use.


Setup is reliable and flexible with a single Ethernet cable. Featuring our most powerful software and hardware yet, Huddly S1 opens the door to a future of intelligent and connected meeting room devices.

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