SC48RJ Tester

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Whirlwind SC48RJ NL4 / NL8 / RJ45 / XLR Tester

SC48RJ SC Series NL, XLR & RJ45 Cable Tester from Whirlwind is a cable tester designed for use with 4- and 8-pin NL cables, 3-pin XLR cables, and RJ45 data cables. Simply plug a cable into the tester and rotate the device's central switch to test the cable's conductors one at a time. LED lights will indicate how the cable is wired and whether there are shorted conductors, among other parameters. This unit runs off of (1) 9V battery.


Rotating the central switch applies voltage to the cable conductors one at a time. A SEND LED indicates the pin to which the voltage is being applied, and a RECEIVE LED indicates where it returns, clearly revealing, shorts, opens and cross-wires.

The Whirlwind SC48RJ Cable Analyzer is a
convenient device for fully testing professional NL
multiline speaker cables, RJ45 Ethernet cables
and three pin XLR cables. The simple yet
comprehensive design can diagnose opens,
shorts, incorrect wiring or even customized wiring
configurations in cables with up to eight
conductors. The SC48 is powered by a single 9
Volt battery.

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