SL CM SK Suspension Kit

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508291 SUMMARY

The SL CM SK ceiling mic suspension kit can be used to install the mic from higher ceilings. It consists of 4 steel cables with 16.4ft (5m) length that can be adjusted to an individual installation height.

The recommended maximum distance from the speaker to the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is 4 to 5 m.

The minimum distance from the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 to the floor is 2 .50 m.

The TeamConnect Ceiling 2 can be easily installed in a dropped ceiling or coffered ceiling with square ceiling tiles (600 x 600 mm) . Angle brackets are available for ceiling tiles with the standard dimensions of 2 ft or 625 mm . When flush mounting, do not install the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 directly next to lights or other electrical devices in the ceiling .

* Screws and anchors for mounting the product to the ceiling are not included with delivery . Use screws and anchors that are appropriate for the particular characteristics of your ceiling .


  • 4 Ceiling installation threads
  • 4 steel cables with 16.4ft / 5m length
  • 4 ceiling housing threads

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