SnapTo Universal Car Mount with Wireless Charging

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Mount and charge your phone with just one hand. Seamless. No awkward arms to fiddle with or cables to search for in the dark. The charger supports fast wireless charging, keeping your phone powered up even when using GPS. 4 mounting options are available for your Tesla monitor, windshield, dashboard or car vent.

QI-CERTIFIED WIRELESS CHARGING | Get a power boost on the road

Certified by the Wireless Power Consortium to ensure quality and reliability, the SnapTo Universal Car Mount supports wireless fast-charging up to 10W and is compatible with fast-charging protocols of Apple and Samsung. The SnapTo system aligns your phone perfectly for optimal wireless charging efficiency to keep your device powered up even when using energy-intensive features like GPS.

 SUPER-STRONG MAGNETS | Holds your phone securely

SnapTo™ uses a precision array of powerful magnets inside the mount and the phone's case to ensure your phone is held steady and secure while driving. The magnets are rated to hold up to 2.2 lbs (1 kg)—which is the weight of up to four iPhone devices—and won't affect the functionality of your phone's camera, GPS, or other features. Simply place your phone over the SnapTo Car Mount, no need for clips, claws, or grips. When you've arrived at your destination, simply grab your phone with one hand to go.

 FOUR MOUNTING OPTIONS | Flexibility and mobility

The SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount comes with a vent-mount clip and a flexible mounting adapter suitable for your dashboard, windshield, or Tesla Model 3/Y touchscreen. The vent mount clips to most car air vents and makes it easy to move the mount between vehicles if needed, while the mounting adapter allows a more customizable mounting position for you car's layout.

UNIVERSAL MOUNTING PAD | Suits most phones

SnapTo works with a compatible Moshi SnapTo case for iPhone, but also includes a SnapTo universal mounting pad to accommodate most other phones and cases. Simply adhere the universal mounting pad to the back of your phone or case for instant SnapTo compatibility.

ADJUSTABLE ANGLE | Get the perfect view

Move your phone to the perfect viewing position. SnapTo uses a flexible metal ball joint which can not only move left, right, up, and down, but also rotate 90 degrees to place your phone in portrait or landscape mode.

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