Standard Plenum Equipment Box

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This version can be attached to any Flat Surface using the Supplied Surface Mount Bracket or Suspended using the Optional Extra Cost Hanging Kit, In all cases all Cables are enclosed in Conduit to and from the Plenum Box. The Box (with the Cover removed) is then attached to the Surface/Hanging Mount using (4) Screws. The Amplifier, Power Supply or any other Equipment including the 1 Gang Receptacle are then installed inside the Box together with all relevant Cables. Attaching the Cover completes the installation.

* In compliance with NEC Article 300.22c When External Wiring Connections to the Box are in made accord with those requirements.

Supplied Parts Inside Plenum

1. Plenum Box & Lid (6) 8.32 x 1⁄4 Philips Machine Screws (Pre-fitted to Plenum Box)
2. Surface/Hanging Mount (4) 8.32 Philips Machine Screws
3. Single Gang Metal Box AC Receptacle & Cover with (4) 8.32 x 1⁄4 Philips Machine Screws

Removable Cover

Access to the inside for installation and Servicing is simple by removing the 6 screws already attached makes it a snap if you need to get to your equipment at any time.

Building Regulations require that all Power Cables are enclosed in Conduit.

The Power Cable's Conduit attaches to the Plenum Box using a Standard Conduit Connector (Customer Supplied),with the wires terminating directly to the Single Gang Receptacle Box inside.

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