Station O, Small Round Alarm clock w/Dual USB Charge (black)

Sale price$49.99


Station O boasts the smallest footprint of any hotel alarm clock with USB charging.

It fits comfortably even in compact bedside areas while leaving space for guests’ personal items on the nightstand.

The decor inspired design features a classic round clock face re-imagined in woven fabric with the time shining through.

Packed with hotel friendly features, Station O truly is a modern classic.

  • Two USB ports with a 2.4A fast charging plug
  • Simple set, single use alarm
  • Dimmable display for varied brightness
  • Auto-day light savings
  • Self-charging memory backup
  • No backup battery to replace
  • Tamper-proof settings for heightened security
  • Security tether
  • Tamper proof power disconnect

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