Studio Large Room Bundle for Zoom Rooms

Sale price$5,899.95


Poly Studio E70, Studio E70 Power Supply, TC10 (Black), and HP Mini Conferencing PC with Zoom Rooms 

Poly Studio Bundles for Zoom Rooms combine the simplicity of Zoom with cutting-edge Poly AI video & audio innovations to offer the highest-quality meeting experience available.

They include a powerful HP Mini Conferencing PC with Windows IoT and latest Intel processor. 

Smart camera technology picks the best framing option, while NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology filters out distracting sounds and lets you focus on your meeting.

  • Included Camera: Poly Studio E70
    • Dual lenses with 4k sensors
    • Up to 7.3x digital zoom
    • Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology
  • Poly TC10
    • HP Mini Conferencing PC
      • Audio not included: Add Poly Trio C60, Poly Sync 60 or certified DSP

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