TEL1S | Telephone Advanced Input Module

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Model TEL1S - Telephone Advanced Input Module

The TEL1S module is a transformer-isolated, balanced input and configuration jumper that will allow it to interface with both wet and dry loop telephone systems. In the dry loop mode, this module allows connections to page port systems. In the wet mode of operation, it allows connections to both ground start and loop start telephone systems.

The module has a 6- pin screw terminal input barrier strip connector to make the input connection. The module provides for the connection of an external talk-battery power supply of 48V DC. The module also has a gain control that will allow the gain to be adjusted from 0 dB to 30 dB.

It has he ability to mute lower priority modules and be muted by higher priority modules. The module is able to assume any of 4 priority levels. The module has a VOX/gating circuit to control muting of lower priority modules and its internal gating circuit with controls for threshold and duration.

It has a built in limiter, with a threshold control, to limit the maximum output level of the module. The module’s output is assignable to either or both of two mixing buses.

  • Dry loop interface to paging ports
  • Audio-activated paging in dry loop
  • Gain/Trim control
  • Limiter
  • Noise gate w/Threshold & Duration
  • Mute send & receive
  • 4 Priority levels
  • Bus assignable
  • Transformer-isolated
  • Screw terminal connections
  • Loop start or ground start trunk interfacing
    (requires external power supply; PRS48)

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