TeraGlove Cleaning Kit

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Clean any hard stains, smudges, and smears from your display or touch screen using our cleaning cloth formulated with microfiber technology.

TERAHEDRON™ MICROFIBER | No match for smudges

Moshi's proprietary Terahedron material is designed to effectively clean away smudges and fingerprints with just a light spray of water.

DOUBLE-SIDED | Versatile cleaning

Use the black microfiber side with a light spray of water to wipe away fingerprints, or turn the glove inside-out to use the grey suede-like side for dust and lint removal. A handy finger pocket helps you get a better grip on the cloth while cleaning, making it perfect for larger screens like laptops and in-car displays.

CHEMICAL-FREE | Pure cleaning simplicity

TeraGlove contains no chemical treatments or additives and is designed to be used without harmful chemical solvents or sprays.

SPRAY BOTTLE INCLUDED | For tough stains

Inside the TeraGlove package you'll also find a durable mini spray bottle designed to be filled with water or 70% alcohol solution. Simply spray a small amount on your screen and wipe away with TeraGlove.


TeraGlove is designed to be used over and over. Simply toss TeraGlove in with your regular laundry to clean away any dirt or dust buildup and it will be ready to clean again.

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