Tool Explorer Learn 4-Cube Bundle

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Use the SMART Board® 6000S Tool Explorer™ to interact with your electronic whiteboard without the need to write on it.

It is suitable for classrooms that focus on integrating technology into a curriculum, especially for adding accessibility for students.

The cubes in the SMART Tool Explorer learn 4-cube bundle feature multiple printed symbols that the SMART Board can recognize and display upon touching.

Use them to teach early students about vowels, shapes and counting, as well as put fun emoji® symbols on the board.

You can use multiple whiteboard accessories at the same time, encouraging students to collaborate without interrupting each other.

Kinetic movements can help tactile learners get more hands-on experience in the classroom.

The SMART Board accessories engage students and keep them interested in the lesson, allowing them to retain more knowledge.

Combine them with other cubes to expand your curriculum.

  • For Use With The Smart Board
  • Teach Multiple Basic Lessons To Early Students
  • Printed With Symbols That The Board Can Read

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