Tool Explorer Play 4-Stamp Bundle

Sale price$49.00


Transform teaching into a natural and memorable learning experience using the SMART Technologies® 4-Stamp Play Bundle.

It allows teachers and learners to interact with digital content using real-life objects for increased engagement and knowledge retention.

The bundle includes a player 1 stamp, player 2 stamp, heart stamp and star stamp for versatility.

The play stamps are compatible with multiple SMART Board® 6000S series interactive displays such as the 6065-V3 and 6075-V3 models for added convenience.

Tap them on the display screen to insert the image on your stamp as a movable and resizable object.

Manufactured from lightweight materials, the digital whiteboard accessories are easy to handle. Their tough components offer increased durability.

With vibrant and colorful designs, the SMART Tool Explorer™ 4-stamp bundle easily draws the attention of young learners.

Its stamps come in a compact layout for easy storage. Place them on your display’s tool tray magnetic holders to facilitate swift access.

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