UHF8011HH | UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone System

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Model UHF8011HH - UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone System

Bogen’s UHF8011HH Wireless Microphone Systems offer users the freedom to move around while speaking.

System choices consist of an 1,440-channel PLL single channel UHF receiver coupled with a wireless handheld microphone.

  • Includes: UHT8011 Handheld Mic and UDR8011 UHF Receiver
  • Offers 1,440 user-selectable frequencies in UHF 470-960 MHz band; operation up to 500 feet line-of-sight
  • 120 dB dynamic range
  • LED and LCD Display
  • Uni-directional dynamic mic cartridge for optimum sound, maximum feedback rejection, and minimal noise handling
  • Audio mute switch for transmitter
  • 1/2 rack receiver design

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