USB 3 C-to-A Angled Cable 2m/6.6ft (Huddly)

Sale price$38.00


This 2m/6.6ft cable boasts a 90° angle and is the perfect length for a clean installation with a NUC behind the TV. For distances above 2.0 meters, we recommend one of the AOC extension cables.

Dimensions & type

  • Length: 2.0 m

  • Host side plug type: Type A

  • Host side plug dimensions: 34 (length), 15 (width), 7 (height) mm

  • Device side plug type: Angled Type-C

  • Device side plug dimensions: 17.8 (length), 12.3 (width), 20 (height) mm

  • Color: Black

  • Cable diameter: 4.5 mm

  • Minimum bend radius of cable: 15 mm

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