World Travel Adapter with USB-C and USB-A Ports

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A truly global charging solution. This international power adapter features US/EU/UK/AU power plugs to cover over 150 countries. Charge up to six devices at the same time with the AC socket, USB-C port, and four USB ports.

 Works in over 150 countries

Never get caught without power abroad. Retractable plugs support most major regions including USA, Europe, UK, and Australia.

Charge up to six devices

One USB-C port supporting fast-charging up to 15 W, four USB-A ports power up your portable electronics, and an AC outlet for an additional device such as a laptop or hairdryer.

Locked-in convenience

Slide out the plug you need and it automatically locks in to place for easy plugging in to even the most fickle power outlet. Press the side-mounted button to release the plug ready to retract back into the adapter.

Optimized power for everyone

When more than one device is plugged in Moshi’s proprietary Dynamic Power Sharing technology intelligently senses the total charging current to ensure optimized charging of all connected devices. Also meets US DoE Energy Level VI compliance.

Travel safe

You may come across some dubious power outlets on your travels, but short circuit, over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection keep you and your devices safe. Includes a replaceable fuse for extra protection with a spare for added convenience.

Fast-charge your iPhone or Android phone

Using the USB-C port enjoy up to 15 W of power.

Peace of mind

Provides voltage, current and temperature protection and is tamper-resistant.

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