Yagi Directional Antenna 50 Ohm w/ N-Female Connector

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Cellular Yagi antennas are directional antennas that improve cellular signal in a single direction. This can be either reception or transmission of signal. Yagi antennas are used with cellular signal boosters to capture outside signal and bring them to the signal booster.

We offer four varieties of Yagi antenna:

  • Wilson 75 Ohm Wideband Yagi, F-Type Termination, 698-2700 MHz (314475)
  • Wilson 50 Ohm Wideband Yagi V1, N-Type Termination, 698-2700 MHz (314411)
  • Wilson 50 Ohm Wideband Yagi V2, N-Type Termination, 617-2700 MHz (311233)
  • Wilson 50 Ohm High-Gain Yagi, N-Type Termination, 698-900 MHz (301111)

Our most basic Yagi cover the 698-2700 MHz cellular bandwidths, which cover all North American cell carriers across 4G, LTE, and 3G spectrums. These are commonly included in signal booster kits, and if you need another, make sure you buy one with the right ohmage/connectors. We carry these in both 50 and 75-ohm varieties.

We offer a 50-ohm Yagi that covers the 617-2700 MHz frequency, as well. Buy this one if you are looking to cover T-Mobile 5G bands.

Finally, we’ve got a specialized Yagi that covers only the 698-900 MHz bands. This WILL NOT cover high frequency bands, but this tradeoff allows for higher gain, up to +10.8 dB but with greater consistency. This is useful in certain areas where the nearest tower only broadcasts in these lower frequencies, typically rural areas. Again, this works best with 50-ohm signal booster systems.

Be sure to purchase a Yagi antenna with the correct ohmage for your system.

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