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Robust collaboration functionalities make the meetings simple and efficient. 

Multiple participants can annotate at the same time with various kinds of markups. The real-time handwriting presentation, allows participants to see what is being written with no latency, making discussions much more effective.

CTP20 features a built-in whiteboard. One Yealink video conferencing system can be connected with up to 4 CTP20 units. Users are enabled to write on the whiteboard synchronously, which helps participants to meet their discussion objectives more quickly.

The touch control of the IPS screen outperforms traditional control modes magnificently. All meeting controls can be navigated on CTP20, including previewing and adjusting the camera, joining a meeting, inviting, recording, etc.

Ultimate meeting control assists you to achieve more

When paired with the Yealink Wireless Presentation Pod WPP20, you can gain reverse control from meeting room touch screen CTP20 over your computer, resulting in multi-screen interaction which assists you to achieve more.

Natural writing free of distraction so you can focus on your ideas

The industry-leading 13.3-inch meeting room touch screen has been combined with a scalable canvas, such that every single idea can be recorded on the ample space provided by CTP20. In addition, the new active capacitive pen mimics a real writing experience, facilitating participants to focus on the topics of discussions instead of the technology.

PoE and Wi-Fi connection offer a clutter-free meeting space

CTP20 supports PoE where one cable carries both data and power for the device. Data transmission between CTP20 and the terminal is realized either by cable or Wi-Fi, which eliminates the tricky wiring connections between the screen area and the conference table, making clean and well-organized meeting spaces and easy meeting control a reality.


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